Tennis Matches

So we have to put them up against Nole to see if he knows how to escape them, because we saw how Jaled suffered, for example, in this last tournament. So and of course because of that, the lack of competition the rhythm and that kind of TIM played retreat. But, as you can see, we were on staff with my leftovers.

Theoretically. The tournament begins August twenty-second, so August thirty-first, that is, no way. In other words, nothing. Let’s see, I’ll get the calendar so we don’t mix anything up. August 22.

Saturday tennis begins in Cincinnati on the thirty-first, which is the following Monday, not another. The Thursday Open starts, which is also held, of course, in New York, it lasts two weeks, and then on September 8 is the Christchurch Open, a tournament that will replace the Madrid court, because Madrid was finally cancelled, and where under the Tim rule nobody can play and so on, so let’s say they have it, or they’ve softened it a bit so they can play, so there’s not much of a problem.

Then there will be Rome, then Hamburg, and then September twenty-seventh Roland Garros already lost here It was what we knew so far, we will have a closed season. It’s going to be very curious to play tennis indoors, with all this European virus. We have St. Petersburg, we have Antwerp, Moscow, Vienna, the Masters, a thousand Paris, a mythical tournament.

Then one, two hundred and fifty Sophia East, in the middle, because usually it’s always Paris, and then we have the Masters, the Masters and the Masters, on November fifteenth in London.

If the former don’t have people, it’s not out of the question that they’ll stop putting people in. Moreover, the Curioso barra triste is the last edition to be played in London, since the two thousand and twenty-first will theoretically be played in Turin.

There are a lot of tennis tournaments here, and look when they are held. Let’s see what happens. Exactly. And or see how long it takes to comment again on the historic tennis matches that we have a list of, because it’s known, A see, I think at this point it will play then? I certainly think so, but it went past the top list. The one in Moscow. You did say Moscow, didn’t you? Yes.

We were working on my mother’s nineteenth birthday party. Maybe the one in Moscow, or the one with the shot and then it turns out to be a zombie camp, you know what can happen? The one in St. Petersburg went from two hundred and fifty zeros to five hundred. To say that it went up. There’s a little bit of the Antwerp category. Yes Moscow two hundred and fifty. So, five hundred years ago there was a mythical tournament in Valencia.

Now they play well, and then Sofia, which was two hundred and fifty before London. Paris, of course, will retain its status as a tournament of a thousand Masters and a clay-court season. We’ll have a decade that pays out two hundred, fifty Rome will be a thousand and a hamburger on top of that. It’s very strange because this tournament is also a tournament in Rome.

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