Today we met to plan our mountain climbs for this summer. At tiendaescalada.net we like to meet, even if only virtually, to document, study and plan climbs on various mountains; in this case we are planning a trip to the mountains of Huesca, more specifically Punta Suelza, in the second week of July.
Punta Suelza is an incredible balcony over a mountain range that extends from Monte Perdido to Posieta.
It is located in the province of Huesca and in the region of Aragon, in the northeast of the country, 400 km northeast of the capital Madrid. The top of Punta Suelza is 2,918 meters above sea level.
The area around Punta Suelza is mostly mountainous. The highest point near Punta Suelza is Pico de Posec, 3,371 meters above sea level, 10.4 km east of Punta Suelza. The nearest larger municipality is Benasque, located 19.7 km east of Punta Suels. The area around Punta Suelza is mostly pastures.
The area is dominated by an inland climate. The average annual temperature in the region is 3 ° C . The warmest month is July with an average temperature of 15 ° C and the coldest is January with a temperature of -6 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 1,819 millimeters. The rainiest month is April with an average rainfall of 265 mm, the driest is July with 98 mm of rainfall.


Location: Central Pyrenees.
Height above sea level: 2,973 meters.
Height above sea level: 600 meters.
Schedule: 2 hours.
Access: Bielsa.
Starting point: Lake Ordiceto (2,390).
Hut: outdoor (1,950).
Season: July-September.
Cartography: Alpine, Bachimala.
State of the soil: very rocky.
Level of difficulty: medium.
Effort: medium.
Risk: medium.
Equipment: highlands,

After arriving in Bielsa, head for the Bielsa tunnel and, leaving Parzan behind, cross the bridge over the Barrosa River after 5 km and then continue on the authorized trail that leads up the Ordiceto Gorge. In the beginning it is quite steep, but then it becomes more gentle, and the biggest problem is the bumps that serve as drains. At 6.5 km from the junction there is a power plant, at 7.5 km a small open shelter (L950), at 10 km Paso de los Caballos and finally, after 11 km, Lake Ordiceto (2,390). The route We start on the opposite side of the dam and cross a small retaining wall. First we climb diagonally through grassy and rocky terrain to the edge of a rocky spur that falls into the lake until we reach a small cirque. The slope is steep and the terrain is unstable. We follow milestones and trail trails along the rocks and reach the ridge (2,800 m). Along the ridge, bypassing the rocky ledge, we emerge on a slope that ends at the geodesic summit of Punta Suelza (2,973).

There is an alternative route, more attractive and less strenuous, but it is quite steep. You cross the dam and go around the lake on a trail that leads to a dilapidated mansion to reach a chasm that appears on the ridge (2,650). When the view of El Cao Lake opens, turn left and continue up the ridge edge. Immediately after that we reach a wide ridge, and after another section of sharp ridge we meet the route described above (2800). Lake Ordiceto can also be reached from the Chistau valley.

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