Learn about the parts of a paraglider at Tenerife Top Paragliding

There may be confusion about the different parts of a paraglider, especially if you are not a fan or practitioner of the sport, so it is important to know them so you can identify them and understand how they work and what they do when you are riding.
For this reason, we will briefly inform you about the parts that make up a paraglider, the complexity of the paraglider and how this may affect flying, and the details of flying at Tenerife Top Paragliding.

Parts of a paraglider
The wing of the paraglider
The wing of a paraglider or glider bears a clear resemblance to a parachute, the only difference being that one is designed to trap air and smoothly descend, while the other is designed to fly and glide.
This is the most important part of the paraglider, it is elliptical in shape, usually made of nylon and consists of two wings that inflate and catch air.
Flight straps or saddles.
This is where travelers sit, and the harnesses provide more safety and prevent falls. There are straps and lines attached to the harness that hold them in place.
Lines and straps.
These lines are the ones that extend from the sail and connect the glider to the wing. The main feature of these lines is that they allow the pilot to control the glider.
At the same time, each of these cables or lines are connected or grouped into “risers” that are attached to the controls and function to control the direction and speed of the glider.
Other elements
Although these are the basic elements that make up a paraglider, there are other elements such as safety measures that should be included in this list of parts, such as an emergency parachute and helmet, both of which provide an excellent experience.
Flying with Tenerife Top Paragliding
When all the details are known, all that remains is to learn the details of Tenerife Top Paragliding flights, which have a number of details and options for those who choose to enjoy the experience in the air.
The advantages of flying with Tenerife Top Paragliding are twofold: you can pay after the flight or through the website, where you will receive a discount of 5 euros, so you can enjoy the best with instructors who know every element of the experience.
Finally, understanding the parts of the paraglider will allow you to enjoy this sport, you can find information on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Vimeo, write on WhatsApp (+34) 652594544 or through [email protected] for a magical journey in the air.

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